Lake Vyrnwy is set for a £2m environmental boost according to the water company that manages the reservoir.

Bosses at utilities firm Hafren Dyfrdwy have unveiled a plan of improvements to the North Powys environment as part of it's environmental strategy for 2025, which was announced this week.

As part of the plans, nearly £2m will be spent on what the company describes as the 'visitor experience', as well as restoring around the 450 hectares of upland peat bogs near the reservoir.

The blanket bogs above Lake Vyrnwy are one of the most important areas for wildlife and nature in Wales and this importance has earned it the highest levels of designation, including Special Protection Area (SPA), Special Area of Conservation (SAC), National Nature Reserve (NNR) and a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

European funding has previously been used to carry out restoration of blanket bog on a landscape scale in an attempt to halt habitat degradation and 'slow the flow' of water into the area's lakes and watercourses.

A statement from said the project was a "fantastic opportunity" for Wales.

"Over the next five years we will be investing £2.5m to improve around 22km of river water quality, which represents the largest statutory environmental programme required in this part of Wales for 20 years. We will also be enhancing biodiversity and well-being by investing almost £2m, the majority of which is planned at Lake Vyrnwy, where we have a fantastic opportunity to support Wales," said a spokesperson.

"The project will enhance the visitor experience so that more people visit the site and stay in the surrounding area thus improving the local economy;[and] restore approximately 450 hectares of upland peat bog to move the SSSI status from ‘Unfavourable’ to ‘Favourable’, which will provide greater resilience of our ecosystems and enable local communities to shape the developments and develop a shared sense of ownership."

The scheme has secured £1.5m of Heritage Lottery Funding.

Specific details on the project will be made available later this month, the company say.