A THEATRE in Brecon will receive over £157,000 from Powys County Council (PCC) to assist with costs of maintaining the building.

The decision was taken by the PCC cabinet members for finance, Cllr Aled Davies and member for assets, Cllr Phyl Davies.

During the last year PCC have been discussing the need for helping the charity, Theatr Brycheiniog who lease the building from them.

County Councillors for the area are supportive of the expenditure as it's such an important facility to the town.

The report which has been wirtthen by PCC acting chief executive, David Powell states: "It is proposed that a contribution is made in respect of expenditure incurred on protection of the asset.

"This will also assist the asset going forward."

The report states that the Theatr has spent £356, 752 on the building since taking on the lease in 1997/978 and following a review of the audited accounts PCC will make a one off payment of £157,920 to assist with the costs incurred in maintaining the asset.

This has been negotiated with the Theatr and is based on costs incurred for 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 financial years.

Mr Powell, added: "The Council and Theatr will work together to look at a sustainable solution for the building going forward as part of a joint review of the current model of provision and will seek to involve the Arts Council of Wales in the process.

"At the same time there will be a review of the budget going forward that will include the need to protect the asset.

"The review will also look at the longer term issues affecting the building given the tenant has raised concerns about the condition since the acquisition of their lease in 1997."

"The payment and proposed review not only recognises the need to secure the Theatr's position going forward.

"It is clear that the future model of the agreement covering the the building will also form part of the discussion whilst noting the lease has a number of years to run.

"The review will also look at the most appropriate way the Theatr can discharge it's responsibility as a tenant,

Cllr David Meredith who represents the Brecon (St David Within) ward is a former trustee of the Theatr and said that major defects had been found in the building fabric that need to be put right,

"The Theatr plays a major part in Brecon and this would put right what is wrong with the building," said Cllr Meredith.

Cllr Iain Mackintosh who represents Yscir, added: "It is highly important that Theatr Brycheiniog continues to contrivbute around £1.5million to the local economy in and around Brecon.

"I fully support PCC's help in making sure we don't lose such an importnat facility inour town and look forward to Theatr Brycheiniog, The Arts Council of Wales and PCC joining forces to make sure a sustauinable is achieved going forward to keep the theatre open for all visitors and tourists, theresidents of Brecon and Yscir, and all surrounding areas."

A spokeswoman for Theatr Brycheiniog said: "The Theatr very much welcomes this support and the Council's ongoing commitment to the Theatr.

A spokesman for PCC said that the decision had been delegated and will go before a scrutiny committee.