Welshpool High School is celebrating a fantastic set of GCSE results, with a quarter of its students achieving five or more A* or A grades.

Last year was a success for the school too, with its GCSE results being above the national average.

There were many outstanding individual performances, notably:

Paige Casement – 12 A*, 1 A

Emily Poyner – 9A*, 3 A

Melissa Rodenburg – 8 A*, 4 A

Xoaquin Castelo-Brignel – 8 A*, 2 A, 3 B

Harry Dockerill – 8 A*, 1 A, 2 B

Rose Green – 7 A*, 4 A, 1 B

Jake Gore – 6 A*, 5 A, 1 B

Lexy Bird – 6 A*, 5 A, 1 C

Headteacher, Jim Toal said: "In a constantly changing national climate for GCSEs we are very pleased that a quarter of our students achieved five or more grades at A* and A, and that more than 75 per cent achieved five GCSE grades or equivalent at grades A* - C.

"Our congratulations go out to all of our students, and we wish them the very best moving on to their next stage of education, training or employment."

County Times:

Pictured from left: Lexy Bird (6 A*s, 5 As and a Distinction) and Emily Poyner (8 A*s and 3As)

County Times:

Pictured from left: George Day (3 As, 1 A* and 6 Bs) and Emma Bowen (1 A*, 2 As and 4 Bs).

County Times:

Pictured from left, Ben Marston (4 Cs) and Poppy Foster (2 As, 2 Bs and 2 Cs).

More pictures from Welshpool High School will be out in the paper on Thursday, August 30.  

All pictures by Phil Blagg: PB421