A DRIVER has been fined after being caught throwing rubbish out of his car at a lay-by near Llanidloes.

The motorist was spotted by Powys County Council’s recycling team who fined the litterbug £75 for chucking an armful of rubbish.

In a bid to encourage road users to think wisely about getting rid of waste, a photo was posted on Facebook by the county council’s ‘Recycle For Powys’ page.

The picture shows the rubbish-strewn roadside with empty food wrappers and take-away cups.

The litter has been removed from the lay-by but the act has been criticised as “completely unacceptable behaviour” by the council.

The £75 fine has been paid by the driver.

Every year, roadside litter clean-up costs around £3.5 million in Wales which comes at a cost to the taxpayer, according to a Keep Wales Tidy report from 2017.

The environmental charity said “aside from the obvious visual impact and damage to the environment and wildlife, monitoring roadside litter is difficult and often dangerous to clear.”

It added that more needs to be done to raise awareness through increased interventions, engagement and campaigns, and there is a need to address wider behaviours of car travel and commuter behaviour.

Raising awareness in Llanidloes and the surrounding area is Message in a Bottle, a campaign to reduce the use of plastics and waste.

Phil Stallard, one of the people who launched the campaign, believes attitudes towards littering have changed in the town.

“Llani’ has stepped up a notch when it comes to keeping the town tidy. It’s largely litter-free since the litter-pick two months ago.

“We are trying to send a message about positive change to keep our environment clean.

“It’s about falling in love with your town again,” he added.

Mr Stallard praised the county council’s refuse team for their support.

“They’ve been great for being pro-active to stop people doing this sort of thing.”