“We are delighted with the A level results at Llandrindod High School; they are the best results since 2013," a statement from the school said.

A statement from Llandrindod High School said that they are "delighted" with the A Level results achieved by their finial year sixth form students on Thursday, August 16.

The A Level results are the best results the school has achieved since 2013.

There were many excellent individual performances from:

-Rhys Bennett 3A*s and 1 A (studying Architecture at Liverpool University)

-Emyr Davies 3A*s (studying Human and Political Science at Cambridge)

-Dan Binks 1A*, 3As and 1 B ( studying Astrophysics at Bristol)

- Ezra Tattersall 2A*s and 2As (studying Ecology at Leeds)

-Rory Brown 3As and 1C ( studying Dentistry at Cardiff)

-Morgan Evans 3As and 1B (studying Medicine at Cardiff)

-Ffion Dahm 2As and 2Bs(studying Psychology at USW)

-Ffion Corfield 2As and 2Bs (studying Nursing at Swansea)

-Elisha Lee 2As and 2Bs (studying Fashion and Marketing at Leeds)

-Dan Holt 2As and 2Bs( has gained an apprenticeship through Barclays at Manchester)

-Sam Mackley 1A*, 1A and 2Bs (studying Modern Foreign Languages at UCL)

-Laura Powell, 1A*, 1A and 2Bs (studying Primary Education at Carmarthen)

Overall 63% were A*-B grades 82% were A*-C grades.

The school said: "The results are testimony to the hard work and talents of the students, the commitment and dedication of staff and the fantastic support of parents. Best of luck for the future to all our Year 13 students.”