HIGH energy and folk music alongside a barbecue feature in the new ToadsFest at the Crown and Anchor Vaults yard at Bishops Castle this Sunday, August 19, from 4pm.

It features The Flying Toads four piece band whose members come from Bishops Castle and Hampshire back from dates in the UK and Amsterdam, with their latest album ‘Warts’n’Al’ follows their debut ‘In Stitches’.

The Toads are a multi-instrumental band playing inventive arrangements of Irish music. They originally met through playing in some of the excellent Irish sessions in the UK and Ireland and share a deep respect for traditional Irish music. The name came about as a spoonerism of the Irish hornpipe ‘The Flowing Tide’.

Being a four piece band and each playing several instruments, they focus on arrangements that explore the best blending of sounds and dynamics, as well as choosing tunes and songs that are exciting to listen to, with songs ranging from well-known lively standards, to moving lyrical ballads all taken from the Irish tradition.

“Our extensive repertoire of reels, jigs, polkas, hornpipes and airs ranges from fast and furious tunes for dancing, to haunting Celtic melodies to make you cry into your Guinness,” said Keith Whiddon.

Also playing will be Babelfish, a vibrant and talented folk trio from Powys and Devon with fiddle, baritone sax, guitar and vocals.