A SHORT film destined for screening at film festivals worldwide has been filmed at Woodlands Farm, at Forden, near Welshpool with many people from Montgomery as actors and extras.

Entitled ‘The Bullcalf’ it is directed by local lad Owen Neve and is being used as a launch pad for Owen’s career as a film director.

“We were completely overwhelmed by the support we had from locals while we were in the area. We had actors and extras aplenty who all rallied round to support this project,” said the producer Tomm Coles.

“An initial contact set up by David Wilson snowballed and this project has in every way become a testament to the people of Montgomery.

“The director, location, the catering, the extras, even some of the actors, all were sourced with an immense amount of good will. We had a very small budget but with the support of the community we were able to produce an incredibly high quality piece of work,” said Tomm.

The film is set deep in the countryside on the hottest day of the year with the harvest almost in,where a farmhouse is filled with people in black for a funeral party and the tension is as thick as the heat as a pregnant girl protects a secret that the baby she carries is already dead.

Repeatedly asked by her mother who she looks so sad, the girl finally snaps and something unspeakable happens.

Plans are being made for a local screening of the finished film as thanks for an occasion that was truly only made possibly by the generosity and spirit of the local Montgomery people.

The local participants had a lovely day getting a glimpse behind the scenes into the background and hard work of a film crew, plus free food and the occasional glass of wine.