A RAILWAY worker has scooped an incredible £70,000 on a National Lottery Scratchcard and is now on track to change his life with a new car, a family holiday and investing some cash in property renovation.

Jordon Morgan, 27, was feeling lucky when he popped into his local store to buy a scratchcard on Sunday July 29.

When his first scratchcard revealed he’d won £2 he decided to see if it really was his lucky day and bought a second one – a £2 Red Hot 7s Doubler scratchcard.

County Times:

Jordon Morgan, 27, celebrates his lottery scratchard win. Picture: Camelot

At first Jordon was stunned thinking he’d won £7,000 but when the shopkeeper checked his scratchcard, it revealed that he’d actually bagged the top prize and had to call Camelot.

Jordon, from Dowlais near Merthyr Tydfil, said: “I was totally shocked. My Dad owns the pub opposite the shop and I ran straight in shouting ‘I’ve won seventy grand!’ No one could believe it.”

Now Jordan, who travels all over the country working on the railways, is planning to invest some of his winnings in property development, working with his uncle to renovate and resell houses in Merthyr.

Jordon said: “My uncle has been investing in property for years and I’ve always helped him with some of the renovations.

County Times:

"However, this is the first time I will be able to put some of my own money in and I’m really excited to see where this could lead.”

Jordon has already splashed out on a second-hand car and has booked his place on a family trip to Turkey in September.

Jordan said: “I’ve got a really big family and lots of them had booked a holiday to Turkey. I couldn’t afford it when they first mentioned it but when I won I thought ‘why not?’ and now I’m all set for the trip.

“It’s still a bit too much to take in at the moment. I regularly work long hours but with this win, my life will certainly be easier from here on out.”

Jordon bought his winning Red Hot 7s Doubler scratchcard at R & L, Merthyr Tydfil. There is a 1 in 4.09 overall chance of winning a prize on the Red Hot 7s Doubler scratchcard. The card costs £2 and prizes range from £2 up to the top prize of £70,000.