Last week's carnival might have been the last for Welshpool as the council are set to decide whether the event should return for its 42nd year.

The decision will be made by Welshpool Town Council, who are responsible for the event, in around October.

Robert Robinson, town clerk of Welshpool Town Council, said: "It's a question we ask every year, for everything; from time to time reviewing what we're doing.

"Like all these things, sometimes things come to the end of their life, like the air show."

Mr Robinson said: "We don't intend to make a decision straight after the event."

This is to prevent initial reactions and biases from getting in the way of the decision-making process.

The carnival was revived as part of the Queen's Silver Jubilee celebrations in the town in 1977.

The for last 40 years Welshpool Carnival has taken place on Spring Bank Holiday Monday, but this year the event took place on the first Sunday of August. This change was made in the pursuit of better weather and so that it wouldn't happen on the same weekend as the Welshpool Music Festival.

Mr Robinson said that there "wasn't a massive difference in turnout" but that there were a number of cancellations from stalls. He also said that for the last 20 years they have struggled to increase the number of floats.

The carnival had a science fiction theme this year, with the star of the day being Titan The Robot, who has featured on TV shows such as "The Gadget Show" and "Big Brother".

Mr Robinson said that Titan and The Animal Man, who had exotic creatures on display, were "very popular with the children".

However overall he said that the event was "ok".

"It was alright. But did it achieve its target? No it didn't.

"For a town our size it should be better, but overall it was ok."