A TEAM of eco-conscious pupils have received a cash boost for their projects.

Town councillors will provide a grant to the Llanfyllin High School’s eco committee to install dog fouling bins.

The three year 9 youngsters and their teacher, Helen Lloyd, gave a presentation to the council on the various projects they had undertaken, including encouraging recycling and taking action against dog fouling around the town.

Mrs Lloyd told how there had been shock as to how much there was at the school and there was concern that there were traces left even if it is picked up.

She added that the caretaker found about 20 bags of dog mess in bins a day and the committee had been looking into specialised bins.

Sixth formers have helped the group by providing a map of affected areas around the school and town.

At the Llanfyllin Town Council meeting last month, councillors were very pleased to welcome members of the Eco Committee and Mrs Lloyd. The students told the council about their work in keeping the school tidy.

Impressed by the students presentation, the councillors agreed to make a grant to the Eco Committee to install two dog poo bins at the main entrances to the school.

Mayor of Llanfyllin, Cllr Simon Baynes, said: “The students gave an excellent presentation.

“People should not walk their dogs on the school grounds.”