A SHOPPER who fell in Welshpool’s Tesco store last autumn suffering multiple injuries is in dispute with the company over what exactly caused his tumble.

On October 23 last year retired teacher, Ralph Thomas, 85, from Berriew fell and broke a bone in his shoulder and badly dislocated his arm.

Mr Thomas claims he fell over a small post at the end of a shopping aisle, while Tesco have said that the posts in question with protective padding around them and have been in place since the store opened.

Mr Thomas said: “While in Tesco, I trapped my moving foot between my standing foot and a small post.

“This happened at 2pm in the afternoon, ambulances were difficult to come by and it was 1.30am the following morning that under partial sedation my dislocated arm was put back in place and I spent three days in the acute ward.

“I sat in a wheelchair for two hours, by the small post, which I looked at intently. More than a month later I found that the small post had been replaced by a much larger totally different type of protective barrier.

“I have been told that these protective barriers have been there from where the store opened in 2013, but I disagree.”

A spokesman for Tesco, said: “The safety of our customers is our priority as a business, and we are confident of our health and safety procedures in this case. As we are dealing with a personal injury claim from Mr Thomas at this time we are unable to comment further.”