YOUNG Farmers have impressed Prime Minister Theresa May, and the hope is that their ideas and enthusiasm will take forward a vibrant agricultural sector post-Brexit.

Theresa May, was at the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd this morning to meet the farming unions in the hope of sell the UK Government's vision for agriculture post-Brexit.

Theresa May, said: "We had very interesting round table discussions with the industry here in Wales and talking with people here as I went around the showground.

"One of the clear messages I have had is about the importance of being able to trade with Europe and the rest of the world and that's exactly what we have proposed in our Chequers deal.

"That what it delivers.

"Frictionless trade with the EU in certain areas including agriculture products and able to do deals with the rest of the world as well."

When asked what should be the number one thing that Farmers should deliver post-Brexit, the Prime Minister replied:

"I think an absolutely vibrant farming industry.

"I've been hugely impressed by the young farmers I have met here, the enthusiasm they have for farming and the opportunities they see for the future.

"As we leave the EU we need to look to the opportunities that will enhance our Food and Drink industry."

At the Royal Welsh there has been concern raised that products have been marketed under the Union Jack flag rather than the Welsh Dragon.

Theresa May, replied: "What we want to do in our post-Brexit trade strategy is ensure we are making the most and the best of all that we have to produce in the UK.

"Wales has some great products as do other parts of the UK.

"One of the things I have discussed with food producers here at the show is how we can get those markets available for products from Wales and the rest of the UK.

"We have the "Great" campaign that promotes products from the whole of the UK, worldwide.

"Within that there will be times when we focus on particular sectors and parts of the UK.

"Every opportunity will be taken when we leave the EU to showcase great Welsh products around the world and really opening up those export markets.

"A great example of this is China when I was there earlier this year we discussed lifting the restrictions on beef, and they have now done that.

"So there's a market that has opened up for Welsh and indeed UK beef."