A PROTEST was held in Machynlleth to coincide with the official visit of USA President Donald Trump to the UK.

The visit, the first since Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, has been called the “most controversial visit by a US president to the UK”.

In London, and up in Scotland, where Donald Trump was staying and playing golf at his own holiday resort, protestors vented their feelings against the leader of the free world.

Elena Blackmore, organised the Anti-Trump protest in Machynlleth, said: “Trump represents many of the worst elements of society, like racism, fear and hatred. His type of politics looks after the rich and condemns the poor.

“The policy to separate migrant children and their parents is a disgusting, horrendous breach of human rights.

“Yet we have a Prime Minister who welcomes him with open arms into our country: what does this tell us about the plans she has for us?

“This is how fascism spreads: we just wanted a way to say that it’s not OK by us, and that we aren’t going to take it lying down.

“We got a lot of cheers and beeped horns, so it seems like a lot of people around Machynlleth agree”

Back in January 2017, at Donald Trump’s inauguration as president, a 16-foot banner “bridges not walls” was unfurled at the Dyfi Bridge as protests against him took place across Wales including one at Llanidloes.

Loath him or like him, Donald Trump, is hard to ignore and his visit to the UK was peppered with controversy from the outset.

His visit to the UK followed a meeting with EU leaders in Brussels. In an interview as he travelled he said he’d have negotiated a better Brexit deal than Theresa May and he said any trade deals with the UK would be scuppered by a soft exit from Europe.

He also suggested that Boris Johnson would make a fine Prime Minister, just days after he quit as Foreign Secretary.

He later rubbished the article.

In London, it is estimated that more than 100,000 marched to show their displeasure at the visit with the “Trump Baby” balloon flying.

Mr Trump’s itinerary kept him out of London and away from the protests about his visit.

Even at the Trump Turnberry Golf Resort, The Donald, was not immune to the wrath of protestors, with Greenpeace organising a paraglider to fly by with a protest banner. From there Mr Trump flew on to Helsinki for a summit meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.