A councillor who is battling for a footpath to be built in Guilsfield for over a decade says she's "not giving up" - and has received the backing of Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies in her efforts.

Guilsfield Community Councillor Olive Williams and her grand-daughter Phoebe Betts are campaigning for a footway to be created between the centre of village and The Derwen Garden Centre, a section of road she says is "very dangerous" for pedestrians.

"I have been a community councillor for over 40 years and it is our job to keep all villagers safe," said Mrs Williams.

"I have been trying to get a footpath on this short stretch of road for the last 10 years. It will be a long-term amenity for the people of Guilsfield and will not increase our community charges,” she added.

"The road from the Derwen Garden Centre is very dangerous, for anyone walking, pushing a pram or push chair or anybody riding a mobility scooter."

Glyn Davies said: "For years, the formidable Cllr Olive Williams has been campaigning to strengthen the links between the [garden] Centre and nearby village of Guilsfield. And when I say ‘formidable’ I mean formidable. She wants Powys County Council to build a footpath to connect the centre and the village. I think it would be an excellent plan. Olive is usually right, and determined."

Phoebe Betts, who walked along the road regularly while she worked at the garden centre said she was pleased to see continued support behind the campaign, and that a petition submitted in support of the original proposal showed it had the support of the village.

"I found it dangerous enough for myself especially when the evenings get darker in the winter and people are accelerating to get out the 30 mph zone, let alone for elderly or disabled people hoping to get there," she said.

"It’s impractical and promotes the use of cars for what is less than a few hundred-yards if walking from the village.

"Let’s hope with Glyn’s support, we can see this idea become a reality in the near future."

Former Guilsfield Community Council Chairman Glynne Turner says the community council wrote to Powys County Council when the original petition was presented several years ago, but was told the cost would be prohibitive.

"We've always supported this footpath and we wrote to Powys County Council and tried several ways to get it going. The issue has always been cost, we were told it would be in the region of £100,000 which is ten times the budget of the annual community council.

"We've tried a number of different approaches to get it going and we're on the radar with MontyTrax [a scheme to fund cycle paths in North Powys] so if a pot of money becomes available then hopefully we'll be on the list."

Guilsfield community councillor Ian Harrison added his support to the campaign, describing the road as an "accident waiting to happen".

"As someone who lives in the village that stretch of road looks like an accident waiting to happen and I applaud Olive's effort's on this. I would support the footpath."