CONSERVATIVE party members across Powys, will be receiving their ballot papers in the next few week as the party prepares for a summer of electioneering for the party's leadership in Wales.

Nominations closed on Monday and Paul Davies AM, is set to face colleague Suzy Davies AM for South Wales West, to lead the group at the Senedd in Cardiff, with the decision to be announced in September.

Montgomeryshire AM, Russell George, is backing Mr Davies, who took over as he party's interim leader following the resignation of Andrew RT Davies AM last month.

Speculation has surrounded the resignation of Andrew RT Davies, with many believing that the group were unhappy with his vociferous pro-Brexit views and comments on businesses who complained that the negotiations on leaving the European Union are creating uncertainty for them.

Paul Davies AM, said: "Our position on Brexit as a group has been clear, the people voted to leave the European Union and out we must go."

New leadership at the helms of the political parties gives rise to intriguing possibilities.

Plaid Cymru leader, Leanne Wood, has vowed not to work with the Conservatives and is now facing a challenge from Ynys Môn AM, Rhun ap Iorwerth and Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Am, Adam Price for the leadership.

If she loses, it could create an opportunity for a re-alignment of the opposition parties and an opportunity to topple the ruling Labour party.

Conservatives have already been whispering on social media that Rhun ap Iorwerth, if he became leader could soften the party's stance paving the way towards a future Plaid Cymru/Conservative coalition after the next election in 2021.

Mr Davies continued:"If I get the permanent job my task is to win as many Conservative seats as possible at the next Assembly Elections, however we have to see what the maths is after the result.

"I want to get in to government.

"I want to get rid of this failing Labour Government.

"That's my objective and task and I like to think I can bring about the different strands of the Conservative Party, AM's MP and volunteers together to create a Team Wales approach.

"Because that's the only way we can actually win more seats.

"If we do that we don't know what's going to happen and see whether other parties will speak to us."

Mr Davies, added: "We want to see the government work and recognise the whole of Wales and successive Labour administrations and Labour led governments have failed to do that.

"Representing a West Wales constituency I know how it feels and I know it's similar here in Mid Wales.

"We need to ensure that we get our fair share of investment and I'm afraid we haven't had that."

A move that could stimulate the economy is the much trumpeted Mid-Wales growth deal which Mr George has been involved with.

Russell George AM: "It's still at the very early stages the Growth deal, it's still potential.

"We've had both governments confirm that they wanted to receive proposals from Mid-Wales, which is the right thing, but what is now important is that the governments meet with local leaders from Powys and Ceredigion and they can come forward with more detail of how the deal can start to develop."

"It takes a growth deal to get both governments to work on

"Tourism has to be part of the growth deal and higher skilled and better paid jobs."

Mr Davies added: "We need to see both the Welsh and UK governments working together on infrastructure such as the cross-border roads."

"Tourism is absolutely vital to the economy and it's important to harness the potential.

"There's huge potential here in Mid-Wales and need to see that investment at all levels, UK, Welsh Government and County Council levels."

In Powys one of the biggest issues is health with many of the services being provided across the border.

At the moment Future Fit are running their consultation about changes to health provision at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the princess Royal Hospital in Telford the outcome of which will affect the lives of many in the county.

Mr Davies added: "It's important for as many people as possible to feed into the consultation as it's crucial for this area that the Emergency Unit is at Shrewsbury.

"I know how crucial health services are as there is a move to downgrade Havefordwest hospital in my own constituency into a community hospital.

"This will mean many will have to travel further afield for life saving and emergency services so I like to think that I understand what you are facing here.

"I accept that you have to rely on services in England, but the Welsh Government must recognise and invest in Mid-Wales hospitals and I know that Russ is championing the cause.

Mr George added: "Planned care may be moving further away.

"You have to have more planned care here, there can be some services such as minor operations that could be done at hospitals in Welshpool and Newtown and the Welsh Government need to invest in that - you don't have to travel an hour and half to Telford for a blood test."

Nominations close on Monday, July 16, there will be regional hustings as well as many meet and greet events to mingle with members.

On August 15 ballot papers will be sent to members.

Voting finishes on September 5 and the winner will be announced on September 6.