PEOPLE watching Police Officers tapping on their mobile phones or switching on a camera, should realise that this is the modern copper at work, not play.

It is over a year since Police officers in Powys gave up their notepads and hurtling back to the station after an incident, to type up reports.

Now, thanks to the latest digital technology, which has been pioneered in North Powys, the 21st century police officer is always on call and always at the office.

Newtown based Sergeant Ash Bryce is the project officer for the Powys division and has been overseeing the move towards modern policing techniques.

Sgt Bryce, said: "I doubt that new recruits, who are being trained now will ever get to see, let alone use the old notebook.

"Everything is now digital we are using Samsung Galaxy Note three or five devices.

"We do get people complaining that they saw police officers on their mobile phones and assuming it wasn't work related.

"But the reality is, that officer was probably filing a report of an incident or checking something with one of the police computer databases,.

"We have to move with the times and now officers use a mobile device to file reports of incidents, take statements, or log on the Police Computer Network databases and check on the details of a car or something else suspicious they have seen.

"This means that officers can deal directly with issues and offences.

"Its more efficient as the officer can type up a report while mobile and out on the street rather than having to go back to the office and type it all out.

"There are officers on hand who can check the quality of the reports and the technology also can't be changed or manipulated.

"If we're in remote areas an the mobile signal is poor, then the police car can boost the signal."

The mobile devices is not the only change that people can see when they see the equipment worn by officers they see walking the beat.

Body cameras are now in use, and can record incidents with the evidence usable in court.

According to Sgt Bryce this has also lead to many people pleading guilty to offences before reaching court, once they are shown the evidence against them.

Sgt Bryce said: "Again this is making policing easier, if an incident is taking place then the camera gets switched on and starts recording.

"It's like having an independent witness.

"It helps protect the public and also police officers.

"Since we've been using them we've seen 93 per-cent less complaints against police officers, which saves time and also makes officers more accountable.

"We are using the latest digital technology to secure the best possible evidence, which can't be manipulated.

"We want people to understand that this is how modern policing is going, we're more visible because the technology helps us,

"We're trying our best to stay ahead of the times."

Part of the campaign to make people realise that a police officer is now working at a mobile office is the the use of the hashtag #thisismyoffice on social media.