MONTGOMERYSHIRE MP, Glyn Davies, has told The County Times, that he will contact Facebook to find out how his account had been added to a controversial Conservative Facebook Group.

Mr Davies MP, was one of several Conservative MP's including Jacob Rees-Mogg who were found to be members of the Conservative Debating Forum Monday Club closed Facebook group.

According to political website Red Roar who investigated the group, the Conservative Debating Forum Club which might have already changed it's name by now, have posted islamophobic, racist and homophobic comments about other public figures and politicians including London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Labour MP Diane Abott and anti-Brexit campaigner, Gina Miller.

But there is no suggestion that the MP's have made any comments online as part of a group discussion.

Mr Davies said that he and the other MP's all deleted their links to the group as soon as they were alerted to being members when the story broke.

Mr Davies said that he's puzzled how his online presence came to be associated with the group.

Mr Davies, who said that he runs his own Facebook account said: "I've no idea how I became a member f this group and have been trying to find out how I could have been added.

"I'm going to be in touch with Facebook to find out how this can happen.

"I regularly write my thoughts on many issues on Facebook and this can just be a problem that you have if you have many followers.

"I just think that I was added to it but I will want to discuss this with Facebook so that it doesn't happen again.

"It seems to be to be wrong that you can be added without your knowledge,

Facebook have been asked for a comment.