A bizarre twitter row involving Welshpool's branch of Poundland has gone viral on the social network after a rail company used the word "Poundland" to describe their poor level of service.

Rail company Thameslink described their service levels as "Poundland", a seemingly innocuous response to a rail customer's frustrated tweet after services were cancelled on May 20.

But Poundland bosses spotted the tweet and hit back, saying efforts to serve customers at their Welshpool store after recent floods showed they had a "pretty good idea about what great customer service is".

Twitter user Kevin tweeted an image of a departures board showing multiple cancellations with a caption reading: "Why, Ambassador @TLRailUK, with this fine service you are really spoiling us."

County Times:

Thameslink replied: "Very sorry Kevin. Appreciate at the moment the service is less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate."

The remark may have been intended as light-hearted, but it has caused outrage at the headquarters of the company, who say they are considering legal action.

In response, Poundland retail director Austin Cooke said it had "no right to use our name to describe poor service".

Mr Cooke added: "But if we ever fall short, perhaps we'll describe ourselves as a bit ThamesLink.

"If you don't want to hear from our extremely twitchy legal team, we suggest you remove your tweet."

The statement from the company reads: "Frankly, you have no right to use our name to describe poor service. We served 8 million shoppers last week and we didn't have to close any stores due to leaves on the roof, the wrong kind of rain or a shortage of managers.

"In fact, our Welshpool store flooded and our store colleagues stood by the entrance to help customers get their shopping so we stayed open."

County Times:

Thameslink has apologised after making the comment. They have since deleted the offending tweet.