With RAC research showing that over 14 million individual leisure trips are likely to be made on the roads this weekend, for many motorists, getting stuck in traffic is near-guaranteed.

This is dire news for those hoping for a relaxing weekend, as Goodyear Tyres has found that for two-fifths (41 per cent) of motorists, traffic jams are the most frustrating part of driving, and that congestion has made one-in-ten (10 per cent) the most stressed they’ve ever been.

In light of these results, Goodyear Tyres has the following tips, to help the British public cope with the traffic this weekend:

Planning ahead

With a little forward-planning, traffic needn’t put an end to your bank holiday before it’s even begun. British motorists have revealed that, if it means avoiding congestion:

  • 79 per cent would take a slightly longer route
  • 46 per cent would wait until rush hour has passed
  • 34 per cent would start out later to their destination

Passing the Time

If you do find yourself in a jam, there are plenty of ways to pass the time. Our research has shown the top six ways that motorists’ stay entertained in a traffic jam are:

1. Singing – 26 per cent

2. Catching up with friends or family on the phone (hands-free, of course) – 24 per cent

3. Listening to a podcast – 22 per cent

4. Listening to an audiobook – 19 per cent

5. Planning meals – 17 per cent

6. Eating – 16 per cent

Time for a change

Brits aren’t sitting in silence when it comes to alleviating the congestion on our roads; far from it. We asked motorists how they would like to see congestion tackled and found:

  • 29 per cent think widening roads/adding extra lanes to accommodate more cars would reduce congestion
  • 20 per cent would like to see more public transport
  • 11 per cent endorse more encouragement of using park and rides
  • 11 per cent want more one-way systems to ease the flow of traffic

Kate Rock-Rees, Goodyear Tyres, said: “With so many people expected to be on the roads this weekend, it might feel like sitting in a traffic jam somewhere along the way is inevitable.

"It’s best to plan ahead by giving yourself extra time, having plenty of entertainment in the car in case you do get stuck, and maybe even considering an alternative route.

"There’s no reason for congestion to ruin your bank holiday.”