A GROUP of artists is holding an exhibition and a party on Saturday at the Mid Wales Arts Centre in Caersws to celebrate its 70th birthday.

Originally called the South Wales Group when it was founded in 1948, early exhibitors and founding members included artists like David Tinker and Arthur Giardelli or those fleeing Nazi repression who have had a strong influence on the development of art in Wales – like Heinz Koppel and Josef Hermanns.

The exhibition in Caersws is part of the “70 series” which will be taken all around the country.

Heather Eastes said: “In 1975 the group became known as “The Welsh Group” – its members were now all professional artists.

“Many familiar names have been, or are current members, they include Iwan Bala, Clive Hicks-Jenkins, Tony Goble, Glenys Cour, Ken Elias and Ivor Davies.

“The Arts Centre presents an excellent opportunity for large works and sculpture in its gardens, the newly refurbished gallery spaces and its spacious former sheep shed. We cultivate international exchange, especially with partners in the USA – and Germany.

“A series of exchanges took place from 2014 – 2016, celebrating strong creative connections, in commemoration of 1914, and early members in the forties,who had fled Nazi repression.

“At the exhibition sculpture and painting will be on display including objects by Düsseldorf’s BBK Kunstforum who have been invited to be part of the ‘70 Series’.”

Some of the work on display includes responses to the uncertainties of Brexit such as “Treibgut” or “Flotsam.”

Another work is truck inner-tyre “rescue ring” and contains 1,400 “rescue capsules” made of Kinder eggs, each containing, instead of a toy, delicate tissue sheets printed in three languages, with words from the 1948 Declaration of Human Rights – prescribing dignity, liberty, equality and brotherhood.

Heather added: “The German works are experimental in nature as opposed to the more craft-based works of the Welsh Group.”

Following the opening there will be a buffet with a special birthday cake and Newtown folk band Ffonic will perform.