RESEARCH shows that 82 per-cent of Welsh speakers say that they are more inclined to choose a company that provides a good Welsh language service.

A business in Machynlleth is hoping that taking part in a Welsh Government initiative that has just been launched will broaden their appeal.

Small businesses across Wales including the Bedwen and Deco shop in Machynlleth will be able to access free of charge Welsh language support service.

Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning, Eluned Morgan AM, launched the national service that will allow small businesses across Wales to benefit from dedicated Welsh for Business officers based in 12 locations throughout Wales, one of them being Newtown.

Liz Fenwick, owner of Bedwen and The Deco Shop, said: “We have always felt as though it is vitally important for our stores to be integrated parts of the community here in Machynlleth, and using more Welsh in our business was the logical next step in achieving this.

“Connecting with our local Welsh for Business officer has been a wonderful way to broaden our understanding of the Welsh language through learning basic greetings and sayings, and we now use Welsh daily as a way to promote the language to locals and visitors.

“The fact that it’s a free service gave us no excuse not to use the Welsh language in our business.”

Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning, Eluned Morgan, said: “Welsh for Business is a vital part of our goal to hit a million Welsh speakers by 2050, and I am eager to see just how many more small businesses across Wales choose to take advantage of this wonderful free service.

“With the great results we have already seen, I’m confident that we’ll see much more Welsh language being used by small businesses in Wales.”

Officers will work with small businesses that account for 94.9 percent of the total enterprises in Wales, on how to increase their Welsh language customer services.

They can also help businesses by directing them to learning providers that will help improve Welsh language skills, instructing them on how to recruit Welsh speakers and learners, and facilitating an understanding of who their customers are and why the Welsh language is important to them.

Any small business hoping to benefit from their local Welsh for Business services can find their officer by heading to