TWO aircraft crashes took place in Powys within a day of each other in February including one at Welshpool Airport where a light aircraft ended up in a hedge.

In a report by the Air Accidents Investigation branch the 54 year old pilot had said that a "more experienced pilot" could have stopped the aircraft before hitting the hedge.

During the previous three months he had only managed one hour of flying and the report states: "He realised given the period that had elapsed since his last flight he should have considered asking an instructor to accompany him for this flight."

On February 5, at 2.10pm the pilot was accelerating for take off when the aircraft veered quickly left, left the runway and rolled across 46m of grass striking the boundary hedge,

marks in the grass suggest the left wheel was "not rotating" when it left the runway and could have been faulty.

Just two days before the flight, the left mainwheel inner tube was changed because it was delegated and a flight instructor that moved the aircraft gave the pilot a message that he thought the wheel was "binding."

But while taxing 1000m to the runway no issues with the wheel brakes had been detected.

The previous day, February 4, at Lane Farm Airfield near Painscastle a microlight aircraft was damaged upon landing.

The 65 year old pilot bounced back into the air while trying to land the aircraft.

The nose dropped, causing the nose wheel to strike the ground and collapse.

In the report the pilot states that on final approach he thought he was a "bit high" so he decided to lose height.

When approaching the the start of the runway he also noted he was going a "little too fast" but thought he could slow down.