HOMELESSNESS and rough sleeping don’t just affect big cities. We also have these scourges here today in Powys.

They can come about through changes in personal circumstances or on a massive scale through a disaster.

Since Christmas, Newtown Rotary Club has been planning an event to raise awareness of homelessness at home and abroad.

A spokesperson for the club said: "We want to raise funds to support organisations that assist people who become homeless or that work to divert people away from a path that leads to homelessness.

"We are gathering together volunteers, maybe from community groups, commerce, politics or sports clubs, who are willing to spend a night sleeping in a cardboard box and who will bring sponsorship with them. The target we would like everyone to aim for is £500 and the date of Newtown’s Big Rough Sleep Out is Friday 18 May 2018."

Funds raised will be split between local and international organisations.

"In particular we expect to support the Newtown Foodbank, Ponthafren Association, The Wallich and Shelterbox but there will be others.

"We are so pleased to be supported in this by NPTC Group who are allowing us to use the Newtown College campus for our venue.

"While this is a challenge event it is not intended to replicate the experiences of people who are homeless. We will have catering in place for hot drinks through the night and the Rapid Relief Team from Newtown will be providing our volunteers with a breakfast on Saturday morning.

"We may even have a camp fire and some entertainment for those who cannot get to sleep."

If you would like to volunteer as a participant who can bring sponsorship or maybe as a steward on the night please contact Newtown Rotary Club through our Facebook page or website – www.?????