A bricklayer from Llanidloes has become a runner-up on a BBC One art show.

Callum Stephen, aged 23, made it through six weeks of challenges to reach the final of The Big Painting Challenge on Sunday.

The self-taught artist was praised by judges Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie for his self-portrait and free-hand painting of a dockyard.

But it was former ballet dancer, Oliver Freeston from Hertfordshire who won the accolade.

Callum says the show has been an excellent place to learn the craft: "My experience was great! For me, it was purely to meet other artists and a chance to get my photorealism work out there for the world to see.

"On the very first day of filming I thought just give it your best shot and no biggie if you go out. I obviously had to work everyday on site when we weren’t filming during the week, it was definitely tiring."

Callum's parents, Paul and Gwyn Stephen, made a surprise appearance to support their son in the final.

"My mother has worked so hard behind the scenes to get me where I am. It was awesome to see my parents; my family are the backbone."

On the show, judge Daphne Todd encouraged Callum to sign up for art school to work on his talent.

"I've always said no! It's simply not for me. I like the challenge of learning the hard way."

It takes six months of work for Callum to complete a photorealistic painting. He is currently working on a new piece based on the hit BBC drama Peaky Blinders "with a twist".

"My current painting has already taken me 470 hours and I'm just about half way done so it'll be a while until it’s revealed. But it’ll be perfect timing when Peaky Blinders comes back on our screens."

The South of France-based painter is hoping to ditch the day job as a builder to become a full-time artist.

"I hope someone out there can help me get to paint everyday of my life as I feel I have a lot to give on a major level to the world of art. I will be in the studio as much as I can to try and push the boundaries and I won’t stop until I reach them.

"Thanks to all the local support, it's been awesome!"