It would normally take an hour for Rhayader residents to hit the nearest beach.

Yet families enjoyed a sun-soaked day by the sea, complete with donkeys, surfers and Hawaiian shorts, without leaving their home town - all thanks to two creative film-makers.

Best friends Tom Jones and Josh Holdaway 'brought the beach' to Rhayader to shoot an hilarious two-and-a-half minute video with ambitions to boost tourism in the picturesque market town.

County Times:

The promotional Visit Rhayader video, above

The footage shows a local fisherman puzzled to see a canoeist, beach-bum and surfer wading through the River Wye.

As the angler follows the mysterious trio, he discovers that the whole town has come together for a beach-themed party at Groe Park.

"We had a lot of people involved," said Tom, 29. "Everybody was keen to play a part and join in.

County Times:

Fisherman, played by local man Ric Johnson, is puzzled to see man with beach shorts walking down the River Wye

"The fisherman was played by local chap Ric Johnson, the man in the summer shorts is a town councillor and the surfer is a postman.

"Everybody that has seen the video has loved it. They've found it hilarious and I hope a lot of people outside Rhayader do too.

"The hope is that lots of people share the video on social media and helps put the town on the map."

County Times:

Fisherman watches surfer head towards the town centre, above

Tom and Josh were headhunted by town council group Rhayader 2000 to create the fun video, with £500 funding towards their efforts.

It follows the massive success of their Christmas advert for Rhayader hardware shop Hafod Hardware - which went viral on social media despite costing just £6.99 to make.

"Rhayader 2000 contacted me to ask if we would be available to do a similar video to promote the town," said Tom.

County Times:

Youngsters enjoy the pebble beach next to Groe Park, above

"The Visit Wales theme for 2018 is 'Year Of The Sea'. At first I thought, 'How on earth can we relate that to Rhayader, a landlocked village in Radnorshire?'

"So we said, let's bring the sea to Rhayader. We organised a beach party and invited the whole community to come along in beach gear.

"It was a lot of fun. We had donkeys, bouncy castle and live music. Kids played on the pebble beach. Everyone had a great time."

County Times:

Colourful residents revel in the beach party in their home town

Tom added: "They gave us a grant of £500. Josh lives in Austria so most of the budget went on flying him over here.

"We wanted to put a twist on it and make it funny. It's about getting people to react to it and share it on social media.

"It's great for Rhayader but it would be great to see similar towns get their message out there and show that it doesn't need a huge amount of money, just a bit of hard work and creativity."