SCOTTISH Country dancing enthusiasts are appealing for people to join their classes or sadly the jig may be up.

Provided they have enough people turning up, Scottish Country Dancing classes meet at the Corn Exchange in the Welshpool on Wednesday nights.

The club have been going for 20 years, but are in dire need of new blood to join in the jig, reels and strathspeys.

Organiser Christine Husa, said: “We need at least eight people to come to make it worthwhile.

“The group started 20 years ago and at one stage we had 30 members coming regularly, but the numbers have dropped off.”

Brenda Salsbury said: “When people turn up for the first time, they’re a bit surprised as they are expecting the swords and kilts – but that’s Highland Dancing, this is quite different.

Diane Wakefield added: “It keeps you physically and mentally fit as you need to think about the steps and movements."

At the end of each meeting the members find out who is available to meet the following week before deciding to confirm the next class.

Scottish Country Dancing as we know it today has its roots in an 18th century fusion of English country dance formations with Highland music

For more details ring Christine on 01938 554652 or Brenda Salsbury on 01938 570252.