Honesty boxes can be found dotted around the countryside offering locally sourced produce for a fair and honest price.

They were introduced as a way to give back to the community and they rely on the generosity of people.

Sadly for one Montgomeryshire honesty box, it has been discontinued after it was repeatedly targeted by thieves.

The Honesty Box on Gilfach Lane outside Kerry has been a roadside landmark since 2016.

But in February and March this year, eight boxes of eggs and several jars of pickles were stolen. In 2017, there were two thefts of pickles and one unsuccessful attempt to steal the locked money tin which was bolted to the Honesty Box.

The owners say they had no choice but to stop putting their produce on the Kerry Honesty Box.

The honesty box was Kate and Chris’s idea as a way to give back to the community.

Kate said: “We knew there was a risk that things might occasionally get stolen but as Kerry generally has a very friendly, honest community, we didn’t think it would be a problem.”

They have been making pickles and preserves for some time and they had become popular amongst friends and locals.

Kate explained: “We decided to set up the Honesty Box on Gilfach Lane to help pay towards the hobby, and the sales of our free range eggs helped to pay for the chicken feed. It was never for profit.”

The popular honesty box is sadly missed by locals.

One Kerry resident commented on the Kerry Honesty Box Facebook page saying: “Unbelievable what some people will do, what a shame”

Another wrote: “That is really sad. No excuse for theft.”

But there is hope that the honesty box will make a return.

Kate added: “We hope to try in the Spring, as we want to trust people and share our produce with people who enjoy it. We never make any money from it, it’s just nice to be able to cover our costs.

“Some have suggested putting a camera on the box but we’d rather not as it goes against the ethos and whole idea of an Honesty Box.”