STROKE club members organised a surprise party for a special diamond wedding couple.

The happy couple, Robert and Lilian Morrell, who live in Llangadfan near Llanfair Caereinion, were married on February 29 1958 in St John’s Church at Worksop in Nottinghamshire.

To celebrate 60 years together, they enjoyed a party organised by the Welshpool Stroke Club at the Royal Oak Hotel.

The Morrells have both been members of the Welshpool Stroke Club for more than six years after Lilian suffered two strokes. Lilian is the chairwoman and they both enjoy meeting with good friends at the club.

Lillian, 79, said: “This was all a surprise, we knew nothing!”

The couple have known each other for more than 70 years when they used to play together as children in Birmingham.

Robert, 80, said: “Lilian’s aunt used to live three doors down from where I lived. Lillian used to come along from Nottinghamshire with her mother to visit her cousins and that’s how we first met each other.”

Soon after they married, when Robert was 20 and Lilian was 19 years old, they moved to Redditch and stayed there until they retired to Mid Wales in 1999.

Robert was an electrician for 50 years in Birmingham and Lilian was a housewife and stay at home Mum, looking after their only son, Ian.

They have two grandchildren, two great-grand children and two great-great grandchildren.

And the secret to a long and successful marriage?

“I trained him well!” chuckled Lilian.

“We’ve been very lucky. He’s always been good. We’ve never really had any problems to be truthful. That’s what makes a difference. We knew that we were a pair and it works.

“It’s all about trusting each other. You’ve got to stick together.”

Robert said: “It’s give and take. It’s got to be.”

“In other words, I’ve been spoilt, and you’ve got to be, and I like it!” said Lilian.

“My brothers and sisters have been married 60 years now. It runs through the family. It’s all about family, it means a lot to us.”