An extra £1.3m is set to be invested in Denbighshire's car parks over the next five years.

The investment comes after the council's cabinet voted unanimously to spend £2m on overhauling Rhyl's dilapidated underground car park.

Council workers have carried out a survey of car parks in the county to record the location and condition of assets like ticket machines.

The five-year plan will see £566,000 spent in the next financial year on improvements including re-waterproofing the decks on the multi-storey car park in Denbigh.

Other works will see £176,000 for pay and display machines that will allow card payments and £150,000 for new information signs.

In 2019/20, £515,000 is expected to be spent, with £120,000 to be used the following year.

The plan could also see £80,000 spent in the each of the last two years of the scheme.

Mike Jones, Denbighshire's traffic, parking and road safety manager, told councillors on the communities scrutiny committee: "We want to make a better experience for people using the car parks, so that would mean more attractive and better maintained car parks with more flexible and reliable payment machines and better information signage."

A report before the committee said: "It is proposed that we embark upon a programme of investment to contribute towards improving the user experience within our car parks.

"This will include improving the visual appearance of the car parks, improving information signage within them, and investing in more modern pay and display machines which enable payment by card."

It went on to say: "It is proposed that this investment will be funded wholly from the existing car park budget.

"This is likely to require some prudential borrowing owing to the level of investment required in the first two years of the programme, however, the repayments against the borrowing would be made from the car park budget."

The council has already ordered 12 new pay and display machines with plans for more.

Two of these machines will have full colour touch screens which are capable of printing vouchers that could be used to give a discount in local shops and cafes.

These new machines are due to be installed during the next few weeks.