THE NEXT steps of turning a vision for Newtown into reality will be completing the land transfer lease and releasing the £1.1million in lottery funding by the summer.

Last month, The Going Green for a Living Consortium found out they had received £1.1million from the Big Lottery Fund.

This will help them transfer 130 acres of land from Powys County Council to the consortium so that open spaces in Newtown can be managed is a sustainable and better way

Cllr Richard Edwards was congratulated by fellow councillors at Monday night's meeting of Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn Town Council for coming up with the vision as he outlined the next steps in the process.

Cllr Edwards, said: "What happens next is the tricky bit!"

"We still need to to complete the land transfer and have met with them to discuss the heads of Terms.

"The (Powys) Council wish the project well and look forward to it succeeding

"We need to complete the Head of Terms by March 14.

"We then need to sign the lease for the land with Going Green so that they can sign the contract with Big Lottery by June 14 to release the money."

"Those are the timescales at the moment.

"I'm proud that we've completed this phase of the project and look forward to an exciting few years in Newtown."

Cllr Edwards revealed that Going Green also have a further £800,000 in the kitty from other fundraising and grant sources that can be added to the £1.1million, that will go on and help the scheme.

He also said that Going Green were discussing changing their name as they feel it's too long.

"Now we have to deliver on the project, the details still need to be discussed but the broad strokes are in place

Newtown Mayor, Cllr Sue Newham, thanked Cllr Edwards and all those involved in the effort: "Richard and the Open Spaces team have worked their socks off, it's been a herculean effort, this is the biggest thing this council has ever been involved with.

Potentially it will have so much impact on Newtown, we've all put in a lot of tine and energy, and without the staff we would not have been able to do this.

"It will be transformative for Newtown."

Cllr David Selby who is also the Powys County Councillor for Newtown's Central is holding a public meeting on Saturday, March 10 at the Evangelical church to explain the Parkland scheme.

He will be explaining the various possible schemes that include:

Biking on Trehafren Hill

Extra football facilities on Vaynor

Allotments next to Vaynor

New BMX facilities

New play park

Hub building next to the Football Club with new car park

Canoeing on the River

The meeting starts at 11am.