It's Winter Olympics time again... with Pyeongchang in South Korea the host for the 2018 edition. 

Here's a quick guide to how you can watch all the action on TV, a summary to all the events plus a day-by-day schedule...

How to watch the Winter Olympics on TV

The opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is on Friday February 9 with the closing ceremony on Sunday February 25.

Compared to the Summer Olympics which has a total of 41 different event categories, the Winter Olympics has only 15 sports but 92 nations taking part with the action spread across 13 different venues and stadiums.

Both the BBC and Eurosport will be showing full TV coverage in the UK, with viewers able to watch live and catch up on all the action on TV and online.

Preliminary action begins on Thursday February 8, but the main events do not start until after the Opening Ceremony which is live on the BBC and Eurosport from 10.30am.

Day One of the main Winter Olympics action then begins from midnight on Saturday February 10.

The time difference between the UK and Olympic host city Pyeongchang is nine hours, meaning South Korea is nine hours ahead of the UK.

That means that while many of the events will start in the early hours, there will still be plenty of sport to watch throughout the morning.

Your armchair guide to Winter Olympic events

Alpine Skiing - under this heading there are six different events for both men and women: Alpine Combined, Downhill, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Super Combined and Super-G plus a mixed event of Parallel Mixed Team.

Biathlon - this event combines cross country skiing with target shooting with the necessity to combine power and endurance with a calm mind and steady hands. In this category there are a total of 10 events: five for men , five for women and two mixed events .

Bobsleigh - was invented by the Swiss in the late 1860’s in which teams make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled. There are just five different events in this category Two-Man men and women; Monobob for men and women and the Four-Man for men.

Cross Country Skiing - is the oldest type of skiing and one of the most gruelling of all endurance sports. There are seven events for both men and women including distance races, sprints, relays and a Skiathlon.

Curling - is a team sport played by two teams of four players pushing the ‘stone’ (made of rare, dense granite that is quarried on Scotland’s Ailsa Craig) weighting 19.1kg across ice rinks with a target (or house) at one end. One event each for men and women and a mixed doubles at the Olympics.

County Times:

Figure Skating - is the oldest sport on the Olympic Winter Games programme. Grace and technique combine as competitors perform routines to music in singles, pairs and ice dance events plus the new team competition.

Freestyle Skiing - combines speed, showmanship and the ability to perform aerial manoeuvres whilst skiing. There are five events each for both men and women: Aerials, Halfpipe, Moguls, Ski Cross and Slopestyle.

Ice Hockey - a fast, physical team sport played over three 20-minute periods. Just two events: one for men and one for women.

Luge - riders hurtle down a slippery ice track at great speed, relying on reflexes for steering. Unlike Bobsleigh, however, they have no protection should they make an error. Luge was developed as a sport in Switzerland and the first international race course was held in Davos in 1883. Singles Men, Double Men, Singles Women, Mixed Doubles and Mixed Team Relay make up the events in the modern day Olympics.

Nordic Combined - this sport combines ski jumping and cross country skiing and Nordic combined individual events have featured in every Games since the first Olympic Winter Games in Chamonix in 1924. . There are both individual and team events to watch.

Short Track Speed Skating - in this event, athletes compete not against the clock, but against each other. This introduces the elements of strategy, bravery and skill needed for racing. There are eight different events in total: 1000m men and women, 1500m men and women, 500m men and women, 5000m Relay men and 3000m Relay women.

Skeleton - this involves plummeting head-first down a steep and treacherous ice track on a tidy sled. There are just two events in the Olympics: one for men and one for women.

Ski Jumping - where points are awarded for both distance and style. Three mens events: 90m individual, 90m team and 70m individual; 70m individual women and a Mixed Team event.

Snowboard - combines elements of surfing, skateboarding and skiing and made its Olympic debut at the 1998 Nagano Games. Five events each for men and women: Giant Parallel Slalom, Half-Pipe, Parallel Slalom, Slopestyle, Snowboard Cross and a Mixed Team Ski-Snowboard Cross.

Speed Skating - individual races for men and women over different distances together with a Mass Start and Team Pursuit for both; plus a Mixed NOC Team Sprint. It is the ultimate test of speed and technique with skaters typically racing in separate lanes against the clock on a 400m oval track. The Mass Start lasts 16 laps and is the only individual event in which long-track speed skaters compete directly against each other. In the Team Pursuit, the four fastest quarter-finalists (rather than the four quarter-final winners) now progress to the semi-finals.

Great Britain has participants in most events with the exception of Ice Hockey, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping and Speed Skating.

Winter Olympics day-by-day schedule

Day 1 - Saturday February 10

Main Event: Men’s Snowboarding Slopestyle - Team GB’s Billy Morgan rides in one of the most dramatic events of the Games, with boarders performing tricks and flips over a course packed with rails and jumps. The qualifiers are Saturday with the final taking place Sunday.

Medal events:

  • Biathlon: Women’s 7.5km Sprint
  • Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 7.5km Skiathlon
  • Ski Jumping: Men’s Individual Normal Hill
  • Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 1500m
  • Speed Skating: Women’s 3000m

Day 2 – Sunday February 11

Main event: Men’s Downhill Skiing - for many the blue riband event of the Games – watch out for an almighty clash between Swiss star Beat Feuz and Norway’s Axel Lund Svindal.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Men’s 5000m
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Downhill
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s 15km Skiathlon
  • Biathlon: Men’s 10km Sprint
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Slopestyle
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Moguls
  • Luge: Men’s Singles

Day 3 – Monday February 12

Main event: Women’s Giant Slalom Skiing - Mikaela Shiffrin is one of the true stars of the Winter Olympics, and this will be the first chance to watch her in action.

Also on TV today is the women’s snowboarding slopestyle, where Team GB’s Katie Ormerod will be aiming to follow up Jenny Jones’s Sochi success four years ago.

Medal events:

  • Figure Skating: Team Event
  • Speed Skating: Women’s 1500m
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Giant Slalom
  • Ski Jumping: Women’s Individual Normal Hill
  • Biathlon: Women’s 10km Pursuit and Men’s 12.5km Pursuit
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Slopestyle
  • Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Moguls

County Times:

Day 4 – Tuesday February 13

Main event: Women’s Short Track Speed Skating - Britain’s Elise Christie (who was being disqualified three times in Sochi 2014) will be competing in the frenetic short track speed skating, which sees skaters race side by side round a tight track.

Medal events:

  • Short Track Speed Skating: Women’s 500m
  • Speed Skating: Men’s 1500m
  • Curling: Mixed Doubles
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Combined
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s and Women’s Sprint Classic
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Halfpipe
  • Luge: Women’s Singles

Day 5 – Wednesday February 14

Main event: Men’s and Women’s Curling - both Team GB’s curling teams have a great chance at getting on the podium in Pyeongchang, and the men’s and women’s squads have their opening matches today.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Women’s 1000m
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Slalom
  • Nordic Combined: Men’s Individual 10km
  • Biathlon: Women’s 15km Individual
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Halfpipe
  • Luge: Men’s Doubles

Day 6 – Thursday February 15

Main event: Men’s Snowboard Cross - A mad dash for the line featuring multiple riders racing a track full of jumps and bends. Crashes are commonplace, clean runs less so…

Medal events:

  • Figure Skating: Pairs
  • Speed Skating: Men’s 10,000m
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Super G
  • Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 10km Free
  • Biathlon: Men’s 20km Individual
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Snowboard Cross
  • Luge: Team Relay

Day 7 – Friday February 16

Main event: Men’s Figure Skating - the one to watch this year is Nathan Chen, a simply incredible athlete from the USA.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Women’s 5000m
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s 15km Free
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Aerials
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Snowboard Cross
  • Skeleton: Men’s

Day 8 – Saturday February 17

Main event: Women’s Skeleton - Sochi 2014 gold medallist Lizzy Yarnold (above) is back to defend her title on what could be a fabulous day for Britain’s Winter Olympic team. Elise Christie is skating in the women’s short track, while freestyle skier Isabel Atkin could be in contention in the women’s skiing slopestyle.

Medal events:

  • Figure Skating: Men’s Free Programme
  • Short Track Speed Skating: Women’s 1500m Final and Men’s 1000m Final
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Super G
  • Ski Jumping: Men’s Individual Large Hill
  • Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 4x5km Relay
  • Biathlon: Women’s 12.5km Mass Start
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Slopestyle
  • Skeleton: Women’s

Day 9 – Sunday February 18

Main event: Men’s Skiing Slopestyle - James “Woodsy” Woods is Britain’s hopeful in the skiing slopestyle, showing his incredible array of tricks.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Women’s 500m
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Giant Slalom
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s 4x10km Relay
  • Biathlon: Men’s 15km Mass Start
  • Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Slopestyle and Men’s Aerials

Day 10 – Monday February 19

Main event: Women’s Big Air Snowboarding - Big Air is a new addition to the Games, with athletes competing to display their skills on one appropriately massive ramp.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Men’s 500m
  • Ski Jumping: Men’s Team Large Hill
  • Bobsleigh: Two Man

Day 11 – Tuesday February 20

Main event: Figure Skating Ice Dance - the beauty and grace of the world’s best figure skaters come together to prove their worth on the biggest stage of all. Look out for British couple Coomes and Buckland who have worked with Olympic legends Torvill and Dean.

Medal events:

  • Figure Skating: Ice Dance
  • Short Track Speed Skating: Women’s 3000m Relay
  • Nordic Combined: Men’s Individual 10km
  • Biathlon: Mixed Relay
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Halfpipe

Day 12 – Wednesday February 21

Main event: Women’s Downhill Skiing - it’s the women’s turn to take on the imposing downhill ski slope: all eyes will be on US star Lindsey Vonn.

Medal events:

  • Speed Skating: Men’s and Women’s Team Pursuit
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Downhill
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s and Women’s Team Sprint Free
  • Freestyle Skiing: Men’s Ski Cross
  • Bobsleigh: Women

Day 13 – Thursday February 22

Main event: Short Track Speed Skating - this is Elise Christie’s third and final chance at taking home a medal. She’s racing in the women’s 1,000m.

Medal events:

  • Ice Hockey: Women’s
  • Short Track Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Women’s 1000m, Men’s 5000m Relay
  • Alpine Skiing: Men’s Slalom
  • Nordic Combined: Men’s Team
  • Biathlon: Women’s 4x6km Relay
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Ski Cross

Day 14 – Friday February 23

Main event: Women’s Curling semi-finals

Medal events:

  • Figure Skating: Women’s Free Programme
  • Speed Skating: Men’s 1000m
  • Alpine Skiing: Women’s Combined
  • Snowboarding: Women’s Big Air
  • Biathlon: Men’s 4×7.5km Relay
  • Freestyle Skiing: Women’s Ski Cross

Day 15 – Saturday February 24

Main event: Men’s Snowboarding Big Air Final - the newest addition to the Games comes to a thrilling climax today.

Medal events:

  • Alpine Skiing: Team Event
  • Cross Country Skiing: Men’s 50km Mass Start Classic
  • Curling: Men
  • Snowboarding: Men’s Big Air, Women’s and Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom
  • Speed Skating: Women’s and Men’s Mass Start

Day 16 – Sunday February 25

Main event: Four-man Bobsleigh and Closing Ceremony

Medal events:

  • Bobsleigh: four-man
  • Cross Country Skiing: Women’s 30km Mass Start Classic
  • Curling: Women
  • Ice Hockey: Men