A CARE company is asking owners of 4x4s and other off road vehicles to volunteer their time and wheels to assisting carers on their routes during bad weather.

Newtown based Abacare says carers visiting the elderly and vulnerable in remote parts of the country can find it very tricky on foot or in their own cars during bad weather, especially heavy snow, and is calling for volunteers to help.

Sam Evans, Registered Manager at Abacare, said: “We recently experienced heavy snow and there looks like more to come this week, which made it very tricky for our carers to get to our service users using their normal vehicles as they aren’t made for such conditions.

“Luckily, we had some very helpful offers from people in the community who were able to drive our carers around the area to ensure that all our elderly and vulnerable service users were cared for, however we are always expanding the areas we provide care in and it would be great to have a list of volunteers we could call on should the weather become too difficult.

“Anyone who owns a 4x4 or other off-road vehicle and can potentially offer their time during future spells of bad weather can get in touch with me via sam.evans@abacare.org.uk with their details and we will call on them should we need help.

Of course people are not obliged to help and if the day or time is not good for them, that is not a problem, and they can be removed from the list at any time.”

Abacare operates a professional Care Management Team that is committed to providing high quality care to individuals in their own homes.

The large team of trained, specialist, care workers provide positive based outcomes and person centred care to people throughout Wales.

Sam added: “Wales is a beautiful country but bad weather, especially snow, can make getting about very tricky, however we will always do everything in our power to get to all of our service users and provide the care they need.

“Winter is our busiest time of the year and we’re also looking for caring, honest and reliable people to join our award-winning team and provide care to our service users across the country.

For more information about Abacare, ring 01686 625644 or visit www.abacare.org.uk. or follow @visitabacare on Facebook and Twitter