A PETITION has been started in Machynlleth to encourage shops to stop using so much plastic packaging.

The petition has been set up by local farmer and author Tia Jones, who decided that after looking at her own plastic waste footprint, something had to be done.

She is hoping that the campaign will now go nationwide.

Tia Jones said: “I hope that the shops and the customers will sign the petition demanding less plastic packaging on products so that they can relay the message back to their suppliers.

“If packaging is absolutely essential than at least make it bio-degradable or recyclable.

“We live in a beautiful place and it bothers me to see so much discarded plastic lying around that will eventually end up in the sea destroying so much of our wildlife.

“And for what? A modern day convenience that is the death knell to the planet, that is a price too high to pay.

“As a farmer I know at first hand how useful plastic can be having replaced more traditional agricultural practices.”

“I grew up in an age when other more suitable products were used in packaging, cardboard and paper and we need to re-think our use of plastic in our society.

“Going back to basics and using the derivatives from, wood, clay, sand and tin, rather than this oil based product.”

Tia Jones went on to say that it was morally and ethically wrong to export our rubbish overseas, that the practice needed to be stopped.

She added: “Shops in Machynlleth have embraced the challenge.

“The petition is calling for us all to do what we can to reduce plastic use.

“This petition will be sent to politicians, supermarket chains, farm suppliers and I would love to see the campaign spread nationwide.”

Machynlleth Powys County Councillor Michael Williams is backing the petition.

Cllr Williams said: “I think this is a wonderful initiative and I wish her the best of success with it.”

He felt the Blue Planet BBC programmes by David Attenborough was spurring people into action.