AN UNUSUAL concert by a family of musicians dedicated to working with the healing energies of the earth and music, will be staged at Bishops Castle Town Hall this Sunday, December 3, at 2pm.

After a year playing at events across the major spiritual sites of the UK, including Stonehenge, Avebury, The Chalice Well Peace Gardens and Silbury Hill, This Healing Place are returning to play in their home town of Bishops Castle.

“We’ve been honoured to have played at important spiritual ceremonies this year. The highlight was playing at private ceremonies with a major spiritualist called RAMA who had flown in from the USA leading a pilgrimage celebrating the equinox during August. It was a moving experience,” said David Maddy and Sam.

“Our aim is to bring the spiritual, healing energy from these special places to audiences across the globe (they are playing in France next year and the USA is being organised for 2019). The true energy of spiritual places can be captured in audio - we call the captured energy a ‘sound capsule’.

“There has been a lot of pioneering research in this area and based on it we’ve developed a unique way of capturing this ‘sense of place and the healing energies they hold’. We think we’re unique in this respect.

“Where possible, we ask everyone who attends to lie down (bring either a yoga mat or blanket and pillow) and close their eyes. This allows them to experience the power of the audio energy to the full. We will then take you on a sound journey.

“What should you expect on a sound journey? Every journey is unique. Some see lights and colour, others sense a lifting sensation and some feel they have visited other places from the past, present or future. You will come away with a sense of something special. We encourage a sharing of experiences post journey. This sharing of ideas in a group adds to the positive energy of the event itself,” said the band.

Tickets are £5 from either Bishops Castle Town Hall or online at Ticket Master.