Horse riders are being warned they could face legal action if they continue to ride through Allt Goch Woods.

It has been almost a year since Llanidloes Town Council agreed to investigate the possibility of allowing horses to pass through the woods, but the idea was dismissed after objections from walkers who said the path was too narrow.

Despite the ban remaining in place, some riders have continued to access the footpath.

At the town council’s latest meeting last week, Mayor Cllr Janet Crisp said: “I was told some time ago that there was evidence of horses going through.

“It’s sticking two fingers up at the town council. There are signs up there saying ‘no horses’.”

Cllr Gareth Morgan said: “It’s not a crime, the town council would have to take its own action.

“We could write a letter explaining the position.”

The possibility of a gate blocking the path was also discussed, but it was decided that this would not be possible as it may also make the area inaccessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

A kissing gate is currently in place at the Van Road side of the woods, which horse riders are believed to avoid by going up the adjacent bank.

Cllr Angela Morgan said: “If they are going up the bank that makes it even worse.”

Town clerk Sonia Pritchard added: “There is a lot of damage up there.”

Councillors agreed to write a letter to the riders responsible, explaining the next step would be suing for trespass in the civil courts.

Cllr Crisp said: “I think they are silly, particularly in Llanidloes as they know they are going to be seen and everybody is going to know who they are.

“They are just blatantly ignoring the rules.”