A young St John Badger who helped save her brother’s life received a royal welcome when her achievement was honoured at a reception held at St James’ Palace last week.

Roxy Jones, from Llangurig, attended the Young Achievers Reception, hosted by HRH Princess Anne, along with other young volunteers from St John Cymru-Wales.

Roxy, aged eight, is a St John Badger with the Llanidloes Division, and was quick to put her skills into practice when she found herself in a real-life emergency.

She and her baby brother, Harley, were staying with their grandparents when Harley suffered his third febrile convulsion on June 4, 2016.

Roxy remembered her first aid training and was able to tell her grandparents what they needed to do.

She told them that they needed to take Harley’s dummy out of his mouth to clear his airway and put him in the recovery position while they dialled 999. Harley was taken to hospital and made a full recovery.

Director of Youth for St John Cymru-Wales, Sy Joshua, said: “Roxy’s actions that day are a great example of how there is no age limit on who can use first aid skills.

“We’re extremely proud of all our young volunteers. They are a credit to themselves, their families and of course to St John Cymru-Wales.

“Each and every one of them shows dedication and compassion to helping others and their community.”

A total of 17 young representatives from St John Cymru-Wales attended the reception.

This was the third time Roxy had been rewarded for her quick-thinking actions.

In February, she was presented with a Badger Life Saver Award at St John Cymru-Wales’ National Youth Awards in Cardiff, and in June she received a Certificate of Commendation at a special ceremony held at Llandaf Cathedral.