BoomTown Fair tier one sold out!! MATTERLY ESTATE – WINCHESTERChapter 7: Thursday 13TH – Sunday 16TH August Two days ago BoomTown Fair released FIVE times more discounted tickets than last year and saw thousands of eager ‘citizens’ rush to get their ‘Residency Pass’ for the next instalment of the outrageously interactive and ever popular Fair, selling out of a record number of tier one tickets in a matter of days!! With festival prices constantly rising and the living wage remaining low, in addition to the sheer demand for the discounted tickets, BoomTown decided to make a third of all tickets for the 2015 event available at a reduced price, to help keep the Fair as affordable as possible to a large range of audiences. One of the main attractions of BoomTown Fair is the atmosphere that fizzes with the sheer energy, creativity and ridiculousness the vast array of people who attend from every walk of life and corner of the globe creates: Every single citizen that comes to the Fair brings their own vibrancy and personality that just adds to the ridiculous melting pot of characters making BoomTown the place it is today! We don’t want anyone to miss out on this so have listened to feedback from this year and allocated even more tickets to the early tiers to make life easier for those who want to come and get thoroughly involved!Lak Mitchell & Chris Rutherford – BoomTown Founders and Directors  Now all tier one tickets have gone there are still a couple of options to make things gentler on the pocket. With the new structuring of tiers there are even more tier two (£135 + BF & EcoBond) than last year which are likely to be available for a while longer, plus there is the split payment option starting from £40, where you can pay off as little or as much as you like in instalments until 1st July 2015. With loads of incredible bands filling up the line-up, an exciting new district (DSTRKT 5) and the Fair’s biggest ever announcement to spill the beans on in January, plus the usual bombardment of borderline impossible ideas flying around the BoomTown corridors, Chapter 7 is looking like it will unleash some pretty exciting twists and game changing plots… Watch this space!!! BoomTown’s rapid growth since inception in 2009 has seen it become one of the top 10 largest festivals in the UK and the only independent one of its size! Chapter 7 will take place from 13th – 16th August 2015 at the Matterley Estate, Hampshire, UK.