Blackhouse 2014 was a night that will never be forgotten. The event itself was established back in 2007, and it was it's third year back at Aberystwyth Arts centre. I have been to a few Blackhouse events in the past, which have all been incredible but this year's Blackhouse reached its definitive pinnacle. Blackhouses' creator, the very talented and creative Kirk Holland had everything covered. From the moment we walked into Aberystwyth Arts Centre, we were immersed in its atmosphere, the energy and good vibes were all around us and I was excited for the night ahead. The amazing Blackhouse crew had given every attention to detail for this night, the Art's Centre was transformed into a colourful, artistic, beautiful space. From the medieval, castle-like entrance, the individual stages all decked out to suit the musical genres; like the Ghetto Grotto where art genius duo Mixed Media's interesting and thought provoking artwork featured either side of the decks, a perfect accent to the bass heavy, catastrophically high BPM fuelled ragga-tek beats that blew the crowd away. Then there was the Ska-Rum-Bar with colourful, Jamaican style decor which really set the stage off. The Swing-Ting Theatre which hosted the amazing Sammy String, Kotch and Father Funk Howla. The Live Lounge featured a chill-out area with semi acoustic live artists hosted by Somewhere to and Rewired. The House Party stage with Blackhouse competition winners performing alongside with Dan Phoenix, Aloka, Mulkern, Paranoize and Benton to name a few.

Last but not least, this years main stage was incredible! With the help of Collected Consciousness and their insane LED installation, over two months in the making they used around 4,500 + individually controlled LEDs to blind everyone with large scale projection mapping. This is where the amazing Congo Natty headlined, which was a moment that will stay everlong in the memories of everyone that attended I'm sure. The line up for this years Blackhouse was off the chain. For a promoter to bag such sought-after big names in the electronic music scene, to come all the way out to Aberystwyth is admirable, I'm sure everyone local to the Aberystwyth area couldn't contain their excitement for this night- all of this on their doorstep! Headliners like aforementioned Congo Natty, Vandal and JFB all absolutely nailed their set and the crowd were going ballistic-me included! Personally I was most looking forward to Vandal, I have seen the man himself play at various venues around the UK, I knew we were in for a sensory treat- which he definitely delivered. His set was monumentally mind blowing as always.  As the end of the night drew closer I felt that despondent feeling that I just didn't want the night to end, and then to my sheer joy and relief I discovered there was an after party in the Student Union, adjacent to the Arts Centre.   This, I'm sure, was much to the relief of all the revelers who were hyped from the sheer awesomeness that Blackhouse brought to our lives for one night. The atmosphere throughout the whole night was phenomenally good, I won't be forgetting this night in a hurry!I'd like to thank Kirk for the invite this year, and also a thanks to all the artists, crew, doormen, stall holders, tickets sellers and everyone else who put their absolute all into making it all possible. Without their sheer determination, energy, time, effort, and love for Blackhouse this incredible night wouldn't have been possible- give yourselves a huge pat on the back! I am also happy to announce to you all that Blackhouse will be returning to Aberystwyth Student Union on the 31st of January 2015. Keep your eyes peeled to the Facebook events page for all the latest news and updates. Until next year Blackhouse! Photo Credits to Eddie Whitehead

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