A KNIGHTON councillor has talked of her dismay at the outline planning permission granted for a 103 dwelling development on the edge of the town.

But she added: “This development has so many conditions on it, it will be almost impossible to build so it has just been a futile exercise.

County and town councillor Ange Williams was reacting to the decision made by Powys Planners on the proposed development at Llanshay Farm.

“I’m afraid to say the consent was given to the 103 houses. I did speak at the planning meeting, and so did Miss Ann Harroway, but the committee was advised to pass this site plan.

“Most people in town are surprised that such a big development was allowed in such a small town and I feel that the people living around this planning site have had a long 13 year fight and have been hung out to dry by us as a council.

“It will drop the house price in this area of town for these residents and a lovely quiet area will have busier roads.

“I was given eight minutes only to fill in the committee on this and it was hard to get in the relevant information to the members.

“All were very supportive of our plight but the vote went the other way. Now we have to move forward to make the best of our situation and we have a another planning application coming up soon on a flood plain so we must now work on that,” said Cllr Williams.