AN UNUSUAL fund raising event for Mid Border Arts will involve a film screening, followed by the author talking about the filming of her book.

The ‘Tulip Fever’ screening and talk by the book’s author Deborah Moggach will be held at Presteigne Assembly Rooms on Saturday, January 6, at 7.30pm.

Deborah will describe the tragic/comic story of how ‘Tulip Fever’ came to be written, and the extraordinary coincidences and misfortunes around making it into a film.

“Movie-making is beset with the most monumental obstacles. I’m always amazed that anything manages to get made at all,” said Deborah.

“Our ‘Tulip Fever’ has had a rockier ride than most, and even after its completion there have been further obstacles to its release. Actors’ commitments, publicity schedules, distribution setbacks – it seems there’s always been yet another hurdle after the very last one.

“But, like childbirth, this pain will soon be forgotten, for the end result is worth the wait – it’s truly a glorious film, and a tribute to one of the more bizarre episodes in human history.”

Tickets priced £10 are available from The Workhouse Gallery in Presteigne or online from