MONTGOMERY Show 2017 attracted crowds from across the country for a friendly and welcoming show on August 19.

The show saw some brisk showers but enjoyed a largely dry weekend.

Show committee member Paul Hodgson said: “It went really well.

“Montgomery has gone through a tragic time recently and it was great to see the community pull together.

“We had about 1,000 people attend.

“Numbers were expected to be reduced but we had a strong turn out.

“We had people from the South valleys coming up for the dog show.”

Prior to the show there was a race on the Friday night with 118 adults participating and several dozen kids in their own separate race.

“It was about one mile and a bit that they had to run out in the rain. It was incredible to see,” added Mr Hodgson.

“I think we are so blessed around here with the local shows. It is like we are caught in a time warp where a community can have a day out and everyone feels safe.”

Breaking down the highlights of the 2017 Montgomery Show, Mr Hodgson added: “The Galloping Acrobatics performance with their horses was just fantastic to see and it’s nice that they are local.

“The falconry was excellent as well.

“The dog show as ever pulled a crowd. Kids love dogs and we had a whole section dedicated to youth competitions.

“It’s lovely to see the relationship between dog and handler.”

Organisers are breathing easy after show day before they start work once more in preparation for the 2018 event.