A MAN was alleged to have travelled at speeds of more than 100mph on the road between Welshpool and Shrewsbury.

Winston Kelly Carron, 19, of Cruckton, Shrewsbury, admitted a dangerous driving charge on Tuesday at Welshpool Magistrates Court on a basis.

However, he denied a further charge on a separate date.

Justin Espie, prosecuting, said on December 12 PC Astley was driving along the A483 Welshpool bypass when Carron came off Salop Road.

He drove in the direction of the Buttington Roundabout, onto the A458 to Shrewsbury.

The officer said the defendant went around the Buttington bridge bend on the wrong side of the road in an Alfa Romeo.

Then, near the Green Dragon Pub, blue lights were activated but the officer made no ground on the defendant, despite travelling at speeds close to 120 mph.

He said numerous overtakes were taken by Carron and at one point he took on an overtake approaching a hill when he would have been unable to see ahead.

The officer attempted to catch the defendant, but was a considerable distance behind and decided to abort.

They found the user of the vehicle, and when Carron was interviewed, he answered “no comment”.

Mr Bell, for Carron, said his client entered a guilty plea on a basis, that the final two over takes did not amount to dangerous driving, as they were in areas where overtaking was permitted.

He said there was no chance of an accident, with no oncoming traffic and he took them on without endangering other road users.

He said he did not realise he was being followed by police, something the police officer also believed to be true.

However, he denied travelled at speeds  in excess of 100 mph, saying his maximum average speed was 68 mph.

Magistrates considered calling a Newton hearing, but it was decided not to as it would bring them no further to the exact speed Carron was travelling.

Carron was made subject to an 18 month community order, banned for 12 months and ordered to take an extended re-test. He was made to pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.