A sustained drink and drug-fuelled domestic assault has landed a father of three with a community order.

Christopher Daniel Rogers, 26, was warned by magistrates this week that the seriousness of the incident could easily have led to an immediate jail sentence.

The court heard that from the evening of March 13 to the morning of March 14, Rogers punched, choked and poured drinks over his partner of 11 years, Sophie Cottle.

Miss Cottle, who has since retracted her statement, said in a letter to the court that Rogers had been “struggling” at the time and they were still together.

Rogers, now living in Sarn, appeared for sentence at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday after admitting two assaults and criminal damage at a hearing on May 2.

Helen Tench, prosecuting, said the pair had been at home in Newtown on the evening when Rogers left the house and Miss Cottle found him in a car outside with a woman.

An argument started, and Miss Cottle slapped the defendant.

Mrs Tench said: “He later returned home and there were further arguments.

“He punched her and knocked her off balance. Miss Cottle was having a drink with her sister in the kitchen. The defendant poured the drinks over her and threw the glasses at the wall and they smashed.”

Rogers had then followed Miss Cottle upstairs and tried to apologise, while her sister thought the pair would “sort things out” and left the house.

The arguments continued, and Rogers attempted to force Miss Cottle’s finger to her phone to gain access to it. He pinned her onto the bed and twisted her arm behind her back, said Mrs Tench.

“He was wearing trainers and put his foot on her neck. He then got on top of her and put his hands around her throat, said ‘I’m going to kill you now’, and started to squeeze.”

He released her after “a second”, but would not allow her out of the room, and knocked her phone out of her hand, causing it to smash.

Miss Cottle told police Rogers had “pushed” her a few times in the past. Following the assault, she was left with bruising to the face, neck and arms.

Robert Hanratty, defending, said Rogers was full of “genuine remorse”.

He said: “This incident was quite out of character from the general nature of this relationship.”

Mr Hanratty read parts of Miss Cottle’s letter to the court, adding: “She felt at the time he was on a slippery slope. He was struggling with himself and had turned to drugs.

“She is sad that it has come to this, but she wants them to work through their issues.”

The magistrates told Rogers they had considered a custodial sentence, saying the incident was “prolonged,” “drug and alcohol-fuelled” and “in your home where your children should have felt safe”.

He was given an 18-month community order, with 20 rehabilitation activity requirement days. He must also complete 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £85 costs and an £85 surcharge.