Police gave a man a lift home after he was restrained by bouncers, before he turned aggressive and said “I could have the lot of you”.

Damien Ian Marsden, 34, of Lon Eithin, Newtown, admitted a public order offence of causing alarm or distress through insulting words or behaviour.

Helen Tench, prosecuting at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday, said on April 23, in Newtown, police were called to a disturbance and found door staff restraining Marsden.

Police said he had become calm and they said they would give him a lift home.

When they reached the destination, he become aggressive and swore at officers and got up into the face of one officer.

He was told he was not being taken to the station, when he turned to officers and said “I could have the lot of you”.

He also said he wanted police to let him go because he was dealing with “drug dealing scum, and rapists,” and he wanted to “sort them out”.

He was agitated and that was when police arrested him.

Owain Jones, defending, said it was the first time his client had drunk alcohol for some time and he did not recall what he said.

When discovering what he had said he was mortified by his actions.

Mr Jones added this was a low level offence, but was while Marsden was subject to a community order.

Magistrates fined Marsden £80 and ordered him to pay £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge.