THE RENEWABLE energy company that has an application to build a windfarm at Pentre Tump refused have appealed against  the decision.

Cornwall Light & Power (CLP) had their planning application turned down after seven years after it was originally submitted. If the appeal is successful the CPL has said the proposed scheme would generate electricity sufficient to meet the energy needs of more than 2,000 homes in Powys.

The decision to appeal has angered those living in the area. Andrew Foster, who lives 500 metres away from the proposed site and whose wife Janie Foster runs Foice Farm Kennels and Cattery, said: “I get very annoyed, our life has been on hold for the last seven and a half years and will continue to be on hold.

"It’s an environmentally unsympathetic proposal, that will dominate the skyline and adversely affect the landscape and amenity of the whole Radnor valley area and into Herefordshire.”

It is clear that the fight over the windfarm will not be abandoned, and Tim Brown – chairman of SOS Radnorshire – said: “We are certainly going to be rallying our forces again.”

Development manager of CLP, Bob Morgan, has defended the decision to appeal. He told the County Times: “We remain convinced that Pentre Tump is the best site in Powys for a small windfarm and would be happy to discuss with any interested parties why we believe this is the case.

“I’ve offered to meet with each of the community councils and most local residents to discuss our plans and explain the considerable benefits of the scheme.”