THE county’s roads and local drivers’ patience is to be put to the test next week as trial runs are carried out for transporting windfarm components to Llandinam.

Drivers have been told to expect two days of disruptions on Tuesday, May 4, and Wednesday, May 5, as test runs of the abnormal loads is carried out. The roads affected will be the M4, the A470 to Brecon/Bronllys, the A438 to Glasbury/Clyro, the A411 to Kington, the A44 to Crossgates and the A483 to the south of Dolfor.

The test run will start at 9.30am on Tuesday for transporting the turbine blades, with Wednesday being designated for testing the transportation of the tower units. It is not yet known what time the test runs will end.

A spokesman for Powys County Council said the trial runs of the abnormal, indivisible loads is being carried out to assess the ability to negotiate pinch points along the route to the windfarm site at Llandinam.

“The vehicles will be large and travel at speeds of 20-30mph and it is likely that there will be traffic disruption,” the spokesman added.

Alison Davies, of the Conservation of Upland Powys group, questioned the legality and courtesy of giving residents less than two weeks notice.

“One thing we would question is the level of notification for the huge disruption and impact on local people for just this trial run. It is also important that people know that this is just one abnormal, indivisable load and it is not going to have the weight of the real thing.

“We would question whether this is the correct amount of notice that the local residents either should legally have or courtesy warrants,” she added.