THE way decisions are made in the county could undergo a drastic change if proposals by the Welsh Assembly Government are given the go-ahead.

Currently a ‘board’ of 15 councillors are responsible for making the majority of decisions on where services should be cut or funded and new initiatives for the council, assisted by a range of shire and scrutiny committees.

But the Welsh Assembly Government are currently considering removing the ‘modernised committee system’ as an option for local authorities.

If the plans are given the go-ahead then Powys County Council would either have to adopt a system where they have a directly elected mayor and cabinet chosen by the mayor or a leader elected by the council and a cabinet chosen either by the leader or the council. Under both options decisions would then be made by a minimum of four councillors and a maximum of 11.

The plans would also affect the current shire committees which would be limited to areas of no larger than two fifths of the authority as a whole.

Montgomeryshire’s population exceeds that limit so the present arrangements would have to be revised.

The proposals were discussed at a meeting of the board on Tuesday. Several councillors expressed their concern that the council should continue to fight for their current structure rather than take plans as set in stone.

They agreed to discuss the proposals with their fellow councillors prior to making a decision on how to proceed.

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