BIZARRE animal deaths in Powys are being blamed on visitors from outer space, UFO experts have claimed.

Furious farmers from Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire have recently been waking up to find their animals dead after seemingly being “experimented on”.

Over the past 12 years there have been many reports of animal deaths in Powys, and in 2001 UFO hunters established the Animal Pathology Field Unit, a non-profit making organisation committed to carrying out research into the animal mutilation mystery.

The team is linking the mutilations - including the removal of sheep brains and eyes - to the increased sightings of mysterious red and oranges spheres in the sky.

Last weekend the 15-strong unit staged a night time stake- out in the Radnorshire Forest and witnessed a scene described by a local expert as something that “looked more like a Star Wars battle.”

53-year-old Phil Hoyle, of Shrewsbury, has spent nine years probing the riddle of livestock found killed in Powys and in 2001 co-founded the Animal Pathology Unit.
“Things kicked off really early and just after 10pm my colleague spotted a bright burnt red light hanging over an isolated ravine near a highly forested area known as New Radnor, near the Radnorshire Forest,” he said, when asked about the stake-out.

“At first we thought the light was from an isolated farmhouse or dwelling but it soon became clear this light was hovering, it also had company because an identical red sphere appeared to the bottom right of the first light about a quarter of a mile away.

“The lights kept changing shape and emitting beams of light and small spheres that covered large areas of distance in a blink of an eye. At times the spheres would morph into different shapes firing beams to the ground and discharging small spheres that darted backwards and forwards across the valley floor as though they were looking for something.

“During the sighting beams of light would be fired out of the forest at the small spheres travelling across open fields. We could not discern where these beams were coming from, or who or what might have generated them, but for a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle by two opposing forces.

“At one point in the sighting the two red spheres disappeared from the valley below only to re-appear to our right, just behind a small hill where we were camped.

“Then, suddenly, an intense narrow white beam passed down the hill just behind us and at times we thought the red spheres not only knew where we were there but they were watching us.

“These spheres are clearly not Chinese lanterns and do not conform to any known conventional aircraft or meteorological manifestation.”

Phil says the UFOs like to roam a specific 50-mile corridor between Shrewsbury and Powys, but Dartmoor and the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire are also hunting grounds. Sheep have been found with neat hole and their brains and other internal organs removed.

Anyone with information regarding the animal mutilation mystery or sightings of unconventional craft can contact Phil Hoyle by emailing or calling 01743 245574. All information will be treated in strict confidence.