IT MAY be famed for the red variety but Gigrin Farm has been visited by the rare black kite this week.

Not native to the UK, the bird is rarely seen in this country but those able to battle against the weather and make it to Gigrin Farm this week were treated to several sightings of the bird of prey.

Bird watching website, which records sightings of various birds throughout the UK listed the four sightings of the Black Kite at Gigrin Farm as the first across the country since October when a bird was spotted at Bardsey Island, Gwynedd.

On his blog Chris Powell, of Gigrin Farm, said that prior to the first sighting on January 3, he had just been telling people that they wouldn’t see any black Kites at the farm as they are not native to the UK.

Speaking on Tuesday, he added: “That bird was here again yesterday, and was photographed by many, and seen by even more. It has brought a lot of extra excitement to the farm. The sun shone, so red, black, and white kites were shown off to perfection.”

Picture: Gareth Jones