DRIVERS in Llandrindod Wells are getting caught out by two separate ticket machines that correspond to different spaces, in what appears to be the same car park.

The car park on Tudor Lane, by the old Co-operative store in the town, is actually two car parks immediately next to one another.

One is a private pay and display car park, and the other is a Powys County Council (PCC) operated pay and display car park.

This means that one half requires a ticket from a PCC machine and the other half from a private machine.

Paul Blurton was holidaying with his wife near Rhayader when he was caught out by the Llandrindod car parks.

Mr Blurton said: “As no sign said free parking for blue badge holders I went to obtain a parking ticket, which I displayed on my disabled badge.”

On returning to their vehicle the couple noticed a man, not in uniform placing parking fines on cars, including their own.

“I asked him why he had applied a parking ticket to my vehicle to which he replied that I had not displayed a parking ticket,” added Mr Blurton.

When Mr Blurton pointed out that he had bought and displayed a ticket, the attendant told him it was a ticket for a different car park.

Mr Blurton said: “I obtained the ticket from the machine that says 'pay here' above it.”

PCC’sCabinet Member for Highways, Councillor Liam Fitzpatrick said: “Until recently there were no charges within the Co-op side of the car park. However after the Co-op closed the landlord’s agents implemented charges through pay and display and erected signs at the entrance to their side of the car park to highlight this.

“Our pay and display machines were recently replaced to accommodate the new £1 coin and we took the opportunity to relocate it to a more prominent position. The machine now faces inwards to our section of the car park to enhance the distinction between the two parts of the car park.

“Signs on our side of the car park point towards our pay and display machine and we feel there should be no confusion for motorists parking on the council’s side which pay and display machine to use.”

The consumer rights organisation, ‘Which?’ states on its website that an individual may refuse to pay a parking fine if “there were unclear or misleading signs, non-visible markings, or the ticket wasn't issued.”

Horizon Parking (private operators) was contacted for comment but did not reply before the County Times went to press.